All-Steel Scoring Devices Aren’t Suitable For Creasing

Outsourcing creasing may not always be an option and sometimes the work that is not quoted to be pre-creased cracks anyway. Tech-ni-Fold researched why typical methods of scoring simply do not work. 1. It is made using a steel scoring blade and is too destructive when used for creasing single sheets The steel score that’s used […]

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Five Questions To Ask Your Creasing Machine Supplier

According to Graham Harris from CreaseStream, paper manufacturing has changed dramatically over the last two years as lower fibre content and recyclable elements, combined with a multitude of ink applications, leads to more printed items cracking than ever before. The rules of creasing are not what they used to be, and there has never been a more […]

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Hi-Tech Business Systems Showcases Binders, Guillotines And More At Africa Print Expo

Hi-Tech Business Systems had a number of solutions in binding, perforating and guillotines at the recent Africa Print Expo, held from 11-13 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. Included were: • Smart Electric Guillotine 4908, featuring a wide format pushage system, blade latch patent, touchscreen for diagnosis and function and blade changing reminder. • Smart Hydraulic […]

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