FESPA Announces 2021 Dates For Its Global Print Expo

FESPA will now host its next flagship international event at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 9-12 March 2021, again co-locating FESPA Global Print Expo, European Sign Expo and Sportswear Pro. FESPA CEO Neil Felton explained, ‘In March 2020 we took the decision to delay FESPA Global Print Expo by six months […]

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South African Companies Honoured In WorldStar Packaging Awards

The WorldStar Packaging Awards are organised by the World Packaging Organisation and recognise packages demonstrating advanced packaging technologies and outstanding design. The 2020 awards featured 321 entries from 36 countries, with 214 packages receiving accolades. The following South African companies were honoured: Consol Glass Pty Ltd and Nature’s Own Beverages (Pty) Ltd: The Royal Rhino […]

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Printing Businesses Must Work Together

According to Laurel Brunner, writing for the Verdigris Project, Covid-19 is not the first virus to bring devastation to communities and it will not be the last. Now more than ever printing businesses must work together towards a common goal: survival. Sadly we are seeing terrible effects of the Corornavirus crisis on the graphics industry, […]

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The Environmental Pros And Cons Of Flexographic Printing Plates

According to Focus Label Machinery, while flexography dates from the 19 century, modern improvements have made the technology sophisticated, durable, and adaptable. But how environmentally friendly is flexography? And, long-term, is it a sustainable printing technology? Flexographic printing plates are a type of reusable, roller-plate technology that are used to print high-quality multicolour labels and […]

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Understanding The Importance Of Workflow In Printing

According to Pat McGrew, writing for drupa, workflow should be the infrastructure that allows you to do the most work at the least cost, but over time the solutions put in place to meet a specific set of needs, job types and clients begins to wear and rub. Well-meaning team members add additional steps, circumvent […]

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Show Sincere Interest In Every Customer During A Crisis

According to John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute, many people respond to a crisis by being overwhelmed by stress, which turns to fear. It is easy to be afraid when you’re in this situation, but if you remain brave, everyone around you will be too, and together you will be able to turn anything […]

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Reevaluating Book Supply Chains

According to Laurel Brunner of the Verdigris Project, many hundreds of thousands of books are published every year around the world. Supply chains are complicated and entrenched, but it’s essentially a local business. And yet, despite the fact that prints runs for works of fiction can be as low as 1000 copies, digital printing has […]

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Inspiring Clients With Bigger And Bolder Print Solutions

Silas Amos, designer and design strategist, discusses five ways to persuade a client to be bold and innovative with their print. Much of the media I work with is packaging and my clients are typically marketing leaders and brand managers for big brands stocked in retail outlets such as supermarkets. Over the past few years […]

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Perceptions Of Flexographic Printing Are Changing

Laurel Brunner of the Verdigris Projects says that thanks to advances in materials and imaging, flexography has also become increasingly sustainable over the years. Flexography is often considered a sort of industrialised version of letterpress printing, and capable of producing only rudimentary quality. But that hasn’t been true for years. Flexographic printing has evolved considerably […]

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Individualised Print Products Offer More Customer Value

According to Knud Wassermann, editor in chief Graphische Revue, to a great extent the future of commercial and publishing printing lies in ‘individualisation’. The data driving this is online and forms the basis for print 4.0. Profound changes in the media landscape had a significant impact on print for advertising and publishing. A large slice […]

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