Why Using Standard Perforating Devices On Your Folder Won’t Work

According to Tech-ni-Fold, folders are made to fold paper and any perforating, cutting or scoring accessories that come with the machine have been produced only to aid this process. If you try to produce flatbed quality micro-perforating by using standard perf devices on your folder, you won’t achieve it. The reasons include: – Rotary micro-perf […]

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Now Is The Time For Packaging To Enter The Digital Arena

According to Tiziano Polito from Emballages Magazine, digital printing of labels has emerged and expanded over the past two decades. Today, every second press is equipped with electrophotographic motors or inkjet heads. This isn’t surprising because the advantages of today’s digital technologies are strong, for example, printing short runs at a viable cost is now […]

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Encouraging Carbon Reduction And Removal In The Graphics Industry

Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Projects says that Microsoft has made bold statements with its recent announcements that it aims to be carbon negative by 2030, and that by 2050 the company will ‘remove from the environment all the carbon it has emitted either directly or by electrical consumption since it was founded in 1975’. […]

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Five Great Truths About Quality Service

Why is loyalty so important? According to global management consulting firm, Bain and Co., repeat customers spend 67% more than new customers. This is due to both larger transactions and more frequent shopping. Even a 5% increase in retention can lead to a rise in profits of as much as 25-100%. John Tschohl of the Service […]

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Consolidation Is Not All Bad For The Graphics Industry

According to Laurel Brunner, writing for the Verdigris Project, technological advances in the last few decades have been nothing short of astonishing, and there is also far less waste and far less energy required to produce print. Page layout, line art, typography, photo retouching and imaging – all of it has been subsumed into generic […]

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The Future Of Printing Is Set For Digital And For Inkjet

According to Régis Thienard, an inkjet specialist owning various inkjet patents and one of the JETVarnish inventors, 2020 will be another inkjet drupa. The success of inkjet derives from, and is embedded in, the very nature of the technology, which can be looked at across its key elements. Contactless printing Today, digital printing eliminates most […]

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Digital Printing Creates Effective Packaging That Is Key To Business Success

David Lee from Focus Label Machinery says more packaging printing businesses are now turning to digital printing, with greater consumer approval and loyalty, more flexible business models and easier compliance to changing legislation. With 90% of businesses in research identifying effective packaging as a key factor in their success, it’s certain that digital printing will […]

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Online Printing Continues To Thrive

According to print engineer and publisher Lorenzo Villa, to find your own success-recipe and to ensure space for growth in the medium to long term, it’s first of all appropriate to analyse the market, the best practices and the moves of the most relevant operators. If the internet has democratised access to information and social […]

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Five Questions To Ask Your Creasing Machine Supplier

According to Graham Harris from CreaseStream, paper manufacturing has changed dramatically over the last two years as lower fibre content and recyclable elements, combined with a multitude of ink applications, leads to more printed items cracking than ever before. The rules of creasing are not what they used to be, and there has never been a more […]

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Edible Inks Provide Multiple Opportunities

According to Sensient Imaging Technologies, digital inkjet technology will continue to grow and develop for food applications – and we’ll increasingly see its use reaching beyond corporate and promotional events, to everyday use for both large and small brands. There are multiple opportunities out there for manufacturers. Whether used to refer to ink printed onto […]

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