Local And Global Packaging Trends

Gary Stockenstroom, product manager for Fujifilm Graphic Communication South Africa, outlines packaging trends, what the future of packaging looks like, and how South Africa measures up to the global market. Stockenstroom said the integration of digital inkjet printbars into existing printing lines is the most exciting development. ‘The ink being jetted is water-based and has a minimal environmental impact, and this includes the flexible packaging application. It’s more than variable data barcodes in small sections of the print, it is 1200 x 1200dpi full colour prints. In terms of [...]

2023-04-13T16:33:29+02:00Apr 13th, 2023|

The Printing Industry Is Contributing Positively To The Circular Economy

According to Laurel Brunner from the Verdigris Project, it might be by accident but changes to how print media products are designed and produced are bringing the industry into closer alignment with Circular Economy principles. The ideas behind the Circular Economy aren’t much talked about in the grassroots printing business, but some of the principles […]

2022-01-31T10:26:03+02:00Jan 12th, 2022|

How Green Are Your Printing Credentials?

According to Carl Metelerkamp, Head of Commercial Print at Canon South Africa, if you currently print predominantly on offset or other non-inkjet technology, reducing your environmental impact and boosting your reputation for sustainability are just some of the substantial benefits you could achieve by moving to inkjet production printing. As a commercial printer, how comfortable […]

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