Get An Enhanced Africa Print Expo Visitor Experience With The SignPrintNews App

Visitors who are attending the Africa Print Expo, taking place from 13-15 September 2023 at Gallagher Convention Centre, can maximise their experience by downloading the SignPrintNews app. The app will feature breaking expo news – be the first to know about new products that are launched at the event as well as other exhibitor news, demonstrations and specials. Other app benefits: The app is also packed with features that allow you to find products, suppliers and deals, and view and load industry relevant classifieds regionalised per country. Classifieds: advertise used [...]

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Six Reasons Why There Is A Resurgence In Print

According to Mohammed Vachiat, Head of Sales and Innovation at Konica Minolta South Africa, the days of flat, mundane printouts are long gone. Today, print media is a canvas for creativity, a tool for innovation, and a catalyst for captivating customer experiences. With dynamic colours that make communications pop, unique personalisation opportunities, and innovative embellishments that add a touch of luxury, printed media is an art form that captivates and inspires. In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, it’s easy to assume that print and paper are a thing of the [...]

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Paper And Printing Is As Important As Ever

Since the invention of the movable mass printing press by German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg in 1436, the world has seen a relentless and exponential growth in knowledge, literacy, scientific exploration, and countless benefits to human society. Overnight, reading and writing went from the exclusive domain of monks and the elite, to opening up a new world of enlightenment for all. In celebration of International Print Day (26 October), Jane Molony, executive director of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) discusses the vital roles that paper and print [...]

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Automated Colour Management And Recycling Affect The Environmental Impact Of Print

According to Laurel Brunner, writing for the Verdigris project, workflow automation, whereby data flows to a plate or press seamlessly and with minimal human intervention, still fills too many printers with fear. They are in the data business, and yet are reluctant to commit to technologies that ensure the data on a substrate is accurate. […]

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Three P’s That Should Form The Basis Of How A Business Engages With Customers

Canon South Africa Managing Director, David Preston, outlines what should form the basis of how a business engages with both external and internal customers. The pandemic has been the most challenging experience of our lifetime. As the dust settles and we begin to emerge out of the haze of lockdowns and uncertainty, opportunity knocks on […]

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Customer Experience Is Key In An Unpredictable Environment

According to Novus Holdings, CX or customer experience is customers’ perception of how a company treats them. This affects their behaviours and build memories and feelings, which drive their loyalty. Simply put, customers no longer base their loyalty on price or product, they stay loyal with companies due to the experience they receive. For the […]

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Free Webinar: The Printing Industry’s Recovery Is Important To South Africa’s Economy

Discover the real impact of the recent insurrection, Covid-19 and the underperforming economy and how the wide format and printing industry can develop a new blueprint for the rebuilding and recovery of the industry as well as the country at large. Join FUJIFILM Graphic Systems for a two-part webinar series where the company will discuss […]

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How Green Are Your Printing Credentials?

According to Carl Metelerkamp, Head of Commercial Print at Canon South Africa, if you currently print predominantly on offset or other non-inkjet technology, reducing your environmental impact and boosting your reputation for sustainability are just some of the substantial benefits you could achieve by moving to inkjet production printing. As a commercial printer, how comfortable […]

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Free Webinar: What You Need To Know About The Energy Performance Certificate

Regulations published by the Minister of Mineral resources and Energy under section 19(1)(b) of the National Energy Act now require the mandatory submission and display of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for buildings that fall under Notice 700 of Government Gazette 43792 of the 8th December 2020. Owners of buildings greater than 2000sqm are required […]

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Understanding The Need To Print Smart

According to Pieter Pieters, Product Manager for B2B Pro Print at Canon South Africa, South Africa’s miraculous GDP increase of 6.3% in the last quarter of 2020 exemplified the local economy’s tenacity and is most certainly a sign of things to come in 2021. Despite the hardships presented to us during the past year, businesses […]

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