How Print Trumps Digital In Winning Customer Trust

According to Jimmy De Waal, B2B: Head of Marketing at Canon South Africa, we all understand that successful marketing often appeals to our emotions, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of the marketing medium in triggering those feelings. Our emotions are intrinsically bound up with all our physical senses, which is giving rise to […]

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How To Develop A Strong E-Commerce Platform

On 23 June, Modern Marketing LIVE hosted an ‘E-Commerce 101: Exploring Business Opportunities’ webinar. Attendees could engage with experts and gain the knowledge to develop their own strong E-commerce platforms. The webinar was sponsored by In-Detail and DHL. Gerald Yapp, Creative Director at In-Detail, discussed the fundamentals of setting up your website as well as app integration. Can a business […]

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Show Sincere Interest In Every Customer During A Crisis

According to John Tschohl of the Service Quality Institute, many people respond to a crisis by being overwhelmed by stress, which turns to fear. It is easy to be afraid when you’re in this situation, but if you remain brave, everyone around you will be too, and together you will be able to turn anything […]

2020-06-29T08:10:35+02:00Jun 22nd, 2020|

Reevaluating Book Supply Chains

According to Laurel Brunner of the Verdigris Project, many hundreds of thousands of books are published every year around the world. Supply chains are complicated and entrenched, but it’s essentially a local business. And yet, despite the fact that prints runs for works of fiction can be as low as 1000 copies, digital printing has […]

2020-06-22T08:18:07+02:00Jun 17th, 2020|

Inspiring Clients With Bigger And Bolder Print Solutions

Silas Amos, designer and design strategist, discusses five ways to persuade a client to be bold and innovative with their print. Much of the media I work with is packaging and my clients are typically marketing leaders and brand managers for big brands stocked in retail outlets such as supermarkets. Over the past few years […]

2020-06-15T09:20:16+02:00Jun 10th, 2020|

Ensuring Proper Printer Performance

According to Xerox, Covid-19 has caused many printers to sit idle in less than perfect environments, which can cause several issues. Long periods of inactivity or improper cleaning of surfaces can wreak havoc on your printer. Issues with idle printers include: – Dry ink may compact or solidify. – Paper or media may become damp […]

2020-06-15T09:20:24+02:00Jun 10th, 2020|

Printing SA Updates Industry As South Africa Moves Into Lockdown Level 3

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the whole country will be moved to Alert Level 3 on 1 June. With this in mind, Printing SA has announced the latest Covid-19 developments and their impact on the industry. All manufacturing, mining, construction, financial services, professional and business services, information technology, communications, government services, and media services can […]

2020-06-08T08:00:43+02:00Jun 1st, 2020|
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