Replace Or Repair? An Evaluation For Your Flexo Press

Focus Label discusses considerations when its comes to the wear and tear of a press. As a flexo press is a considerable investment, it is often a difficult decision whether to replace or repair the machine – especially if repair costs have been mounting up, or the press is approaching obsolescence. Factors to consider before […]

2020-10-05T13:47:57+02:00Sep 30th, 2020|

Factors That Determine A Digital Printing Press’s Total Cost Of Ownership

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is a calculation that is important and should inform your investment decision. Focus Label Machinery discusses the additional costs you should factor in when determining any digital printing press’s TCO. 1) The machine’s dependability At some stage, your digital press is bound to require the attention of a maintenance team. It […]

2020-09-07T09:31:54+02:00Sep 2nd, 2020|

How To Cut Label Printing Costs

According to Focus Label Machinery, some costs can seem relatively small and inconsequential, but they do stack up over time. Nobody likes to pay over the odds for processing, printing and finishing while making their product labels. Manufacturing ‘overkill’, a lack of production-line streamlining, and inappropriate or sub-optimal material and process choices can all lead to […]

2020-09-01T09:18:13+02:00Aug 26th, 2020|

Understanding Biodegradable Label Materials

According to Focus Label Machinery, increased investment in biodegradable materials is one of the common measures used by the label printing industry towards the conservation of the environment. What are biodegradable label materials? Materials are deemed biodegradable when they can be broken down into natural elements such as water and carbon dioxide by living organisms. […]

2020-04-27T13:57:23+02:00Apr 20th, 2020|

Keeping Labels Environmentally-Friendly

According to Focus Label Machinery, there are two ways to ruin an environmentally friendly label, namely using non-recyclable ink, and failing to recycle packaging foil. Eco-friendly printing is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to protecting our planet. Sustainability is not only good for the environment but also good for business. Customers are increasingly […]

2020-04-27T13:57:33+02:00Apr 15th, 2020|

Environmentally-Friendly Printing Practices To Adopt

According to Focus Label Machinery, you should monitor your printing, especially if you feel like the money you spend on this is draining your profits. The first step towards reducing waste is establishing where the waste is initially coming from and preventing that. Incorporating monitoring software in your press is the best way to go about […]

2020-04-14T09:32:04+02:00Apr 7th, 2020|

Digital Printing Creates Effective Packaging That Is Key To Business Success

David Lee from Focus Label Machinery says more packaging printing businesses are now turning to digital printing, with greater consumer approval and loyalty, more flexible business models and easier compliance to changing legislation. With 90% of businesses in research identifying effective packaging as a key factor in their success, it’s certain that digital printing will […]

2020-02-10T09:03:31+02:00Feb 4th, 2020|
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