Including Sustainable Development Goals In Your Business Strategy

Peter Bragg, EMEA Sustainability and Government Affairs Director, Canon, outlines how working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can provide direction for businesses. Set up by the United Nations General Assembly with an ambitious target of changing the narrative across the world of sustainability by 2030, the SDGs target a range of topics from poverty and inequality to sustainable cities and climate action – underpinned by 169 targets and with a central commitment to Leave No One Behind. This clearly recognises the important role of collaboration in making [...]

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Paper And Printing Is As Important As Ever

Since the invention of the movable mass printing press by German goldsmith Johannes Gutenberg in 1436, the world has seen a relentless and exponential growth in knowledge, literacy, scientific exploration, and countless benefits to human society. Overnight, reading and writing went from the exclusive domain of monks and the elite, to opening up a new world of enlightenment for all. In celebration of International Print Day (26 October), Jane Molony, executive director of the Paper Manufacturers Association of South Africa (PAMSA) discusses the vital roles that paper and print [...]

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Government Printing Works Outline State Services At Graphics, Print And Sign Expo

Government Printing Works (GPW) were at the Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, which ran from 14-16 September at Gallagher Convention Centre, to raise awareness of their services. The printing specialist has a long history of producing security printed matter such as passports, identity documents, visas and related publishing for the state. Other services include document securitising, card services, rubber stamps and consulting services. Additionally, GPW’s responsibilities include supporting the South African government in disseminating key information to the public, which is published and distributed through the Publications Division. GOVERNMENT PRINTING [...]

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Transparent Financial Services Exhibited At Graphics, Print And Sign Expo

Transparent Financial Services (TFS) outlined their services to the printing industry at the Graphics, Print and Sign Expo, which ran from 14-16 September at Gallagher Convention Centre. TFS, through its subsidiary companies, provides short-term and life insurance solutions, in addition to medical aid and medical gap insurance products as well. TFS is confident it can provide an organisation with a one-stop financial service solution ranging from retirement planning to pension and provident fund administration, to risk and investment management. The company’s aim during the expo was to target businesses, with [...]

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