According to Jana Smit, software and product manager for Photo2Print – a division of Remata in South Africa – the company has been using Taopix since 2014, and its experience with them has always been seamless.

‘We value that Taopix always keeps up with technology and are constantly innovating new and exciting features. The support is exceptional, even though we are on different continents, it’s just a click of a button and someone is there to guide us.

With regards to the latest developments around Taopix Ai technology, our team immediately recognised the benefits that this technology would bring to our growing business. One of the biggest hurdles in creating photobooks is the time it takes to create a book which often means lots of unfinished orders. We constantly have customers asking us to design their photobooks simply because it can be time consuming to sort through images and organise pictures.

Now, with our Smart Designer (.ai) powered by Taopix Ai, all the customer has to do is pick their selection of photos and the software does the rest. This takes hours and hours out of trying to create a great photobook. What makes Ai technology so powerful is that there are multiple checks per photo which ensures photos are grouped correctly in terms of when and where photos were taken and that no ‘bad’ photos are used. This takes the hassle and stress out of photobook creation. A huge advantage for those wanting to make beautifully designed photobooks in mere minutes,’ said Smit.

‘Our marketing team has launched a vigorous ‘get smart (designing)’ campaign and its had great response from our customer base. We believe that we have a competitive advantage being the first adopters of this software in Africa. Additionally, our recent implementation of the Google Photos integration has had a big positive impact on our customers as they now also have direct access to their external photo library as well. Customers are so happy with the result of the Smart Designer (.ai) layouts and the fact that that they can go from creation to purchase in one simple session,’ added Smit.

‘We are very excited to see such a positive response towards the Smart Designer (.ai) powered by Taopix Ai; it confirms our expectations that our technology is a game changer for the personalisation & photo gift industry. We look forward to seeing even further growth for Remata while we support them fully on this new journey,’ commented Steffen Haaga, commercial director to Taopix.