Africa Print attended Printing SA’s Central Chamber members forum at the Royal Johannesburg and Kensington Golf Club, where members could enjoy breakfast while listening to David Shapiro of Sasfin Securities, who shared his views on the current state of the economy.

Shapiro emphasised that the strengthening of the United States and Israel’s economies are based on the facts that these nations are highly skilled and very tech-driven, specifically with the US shifting away from oil production to computers.

He also spoke of the decline in commodity prices of gold, tobacco and mining having a negative effect on South Africa’s economy, which once based its success on such elements. In essence, what drove the economy decades back does not do the same today, and as such we need to stay abreast and be aware of today’s economic contributors.

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is a major trend, because (for example) once successful coal mining companies are beginning to see their glory wane in the face of heavy carbon taxes and penalties.

Other drivers of the economy include:

• Luxury items.
• Travel.
• Streaming (Netflix, Showmax, Tubi and Amazon).
• Gaming, which is gaining more traction in financial markets than sporting events.
• Plant-based foods.

Gutenberg recipient Patrick Lacy, with Elri van Zyl and Dr Abdool Majid Mahomed, Printing SA.

As more interest from consumers is generated, more advertising opportunities are created, and with that, strong economic growth. After Shaprio’s talk, questionnaires were handed out to members for research purposes for Printing SA to understand its members’ customers’ needs better, before the event concluded with the handing out of certificates.

Printing SA stalwart Patrick Lacy received the honourable Gutenberg Award for his contribution to the industry, while the following new companies that joined Printing SA received their membership and pledge certificates:

• Garment Care.
• Konica Minolta.
• L7group.
• Eunique Printing.

Eunice Ngwenya of Eunique Printing, one of the original trainees of Printing SA’s screen printing courses, has since started her own printing business.

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