Should You Buy A Used Label Printing Machine?

According to Focus Label Machinery, making the best equipment decision involves doing your research, knowing your market, testing your preferred option, doing the maths and investing in the best systems you can afford. For this reason, sourcing a used digital press requires careful consideration. You may have wondered whether the costs of a new press could […]

2020-11-09T08:43:15+02:00Nov 3rd, 2020|

The Environmental Pros And Cons Of Flexographic Printing Plates

According to Focus Label Machinery, while flexography dates from the 19 century, modern improvements have made the technology sophisticated, durable, and adaptable. But how environmentally friendly is flexography? And, long-term, is it a sustainable printing technology? Flexographic printing plates are a type of reusable, roller-plate technology that are used to print high-quality multicolour labels and […]

2020-07-20T07:53:17+02:00Jul 14th, 2020|
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