Africa Print Expo East London 2020

Visit the Africa Print Expo in East London and gear up for growth in your print and signage business.

Entrance to the expo is free.

POSTPONED – Dates To be confirmed

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East London International Convention Centre

From exhibitions, gala banquets, cocktails functions, conventions, breakfasts and formal dinners to conferences, seminars and launches, the East London International Convention Centre (ELICC) is standing by to assist clients with innovative ideas, and a refreshing wealth of features and services.

The venue features invitingly sleek furnishings, a tranquil coastal location and commitment to exceptional service. With a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean, each space has been exclusively designed to portray an unparalleled level of glamour and unsurpassed elegance. These services can all be found in one magnificent, well designed, modern facility. The ELICC has become well known for creating state of the art, memorable and spectacular events.

Address: East London ICC, 2 Marine Park Complex, 22 Esplanade St, East London, 5201
Parking: Secure parking is available.
Hotels: There are many hotels in East London.

Why East London?

At the heart of the Eastern Cape lies the provincial capital, Buffalo City. Offering you the best of all worlds, Buffalo City is a modern metropole coupled with uncrowded, sunbaked beaches. You’ll immediately be struck by the locals’ warmth and friendliness. This region is home to South Africa’s struggle for freedom, equality and human dignity.

Buffalo City is the perfect destination for visitors to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Spend time together at a number of our beach resorts, or go inland and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside with adventures the whole family can enjoy. Buffalo City is the perfect gateway to many splendid attractions and regions.

Buffalo City is well-serviced by a wide range of transport services that are geared to provide for all needs. The region is linked by daily commercial flights with all major South African cities. It is serviced by a modern and customer-friendly airport from which charter flights are also available.

Excellent car rental agencies are available. Bookings for inner city bus services can be made from the Windmill Roadhouse (next to the beachfront Holiday Inn). The city is serviced by numerous fully accredited travel agencies and boasts the services of professionally qualified Tour Operators and Tour Guides.

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East London Expo Exhibitor Catalogue

Catalogue will be uplaoded closer to the expo.