According to Taopix, over the last few weeks, they have seen online orders reach numbers that are equal (and in some cases exceed) black Friday sales. How is this possible when the world is at a near standstill? The simple answer is that consumers have time.

In this digital era, taking a photo is as easy as lifting your mobile phone. Thousands of photos get stored on the cloud. Here they often get forgotten until ‘there is time’ to turn them into a tangible, printed keepsake. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused chaos globally, but it may also lead to the aversion of the ‘Digital Dark Age’ that Vint Cerf warned us against in this article.

As many find themselves wanting to do something constructive with their time, Taopix is seeing people finally getting around to creating their photobooks, wall art and many other photo gifts.

Isolation has highlighted the importance of printing precious moments whilst we currently don’t have the ‘luxury’ of holding our loved ones close. Consumers are not only creating these products for themselves, but for family members too as a reminder of happy days spent together, but also as a reminder that better days will come again.

Of course, in order for these many consumers to create their personalised products, they need an online store, a space where they can safely create their masterpiece. It has never been more important to take your print business online than right now.

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